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Why Growing Businesses should not use Squarespace

One of my clients, Van Herten Outerwear, started out with a Squarespace website that wasn’t performing as well as they had hoped. Squarespace and similar website builder platforms are great for hobbyists and individuals who want to make a little extra money on the side. Squarespace is not ideal for creating a brand identity or […]

Full-Stack website Developer

What is a Full-Stack Website Developer?

A “Full Stack” Web developer has a thorough understanding of how each element on a website interacts.  Being aware of how each element is intended to interact with other elements on a website creates a seamless user experience. Web Design can seem like an endless puzzle which is why it’s crucial to work with a […]

Foundation 6 Framework

What is Website Framework?

In terms of Website development, a Framework is a library of code that can be used to speed up the development of a custom website or web application. A framework will typically include customizable elements like animated carousel sliders and pop up modal windows that have been tested by developers across many different devices and […]

WordPress Banner

Top 35 Slow WordPress Plugins

Slow Loading WordPress Plugins *Common culprits include related post, statistic, sitemap, chat, calendar, page builders, and plugins that run ongoing scans/processes or show high CPU in GTmetrix. AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps Broken link checker Constant Contact for WordPress Contact Form 7 Contextual Related Posts Digi Auto Links Disqus Comment System […]

What is Image Optimization?

Image Optimization is the process of shrinking the file size as much as possible with loosing image quality. There are a few additional steps that separate the and amateurs from the pros when it comes to developing web sites efficiently. As a web developer I use the phrase “image optimization” on a daily basis and […]