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How to Enhance Gravity Forms with CSS Code

#gform_2 ul { padding:0 } #gform_2 ul li { padding:0; margin:0 0 1em !important; } #gform_2 h3.gform_title { color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)!important; font-weight:100; font-size:2rem; } #gform_2 input, #gform_2 textarea { width:100%; border:1px solid #ccc; padding:0.5em; font-weight:100; font-size:1.2em; letter-spacing:1px; max-height:15vw; border-radius:4px; -moz-transition:ease 500ms; -webkit-transition:ease 500ms; -o-transition:ease 500ms; transition:ease 500ms; } #gform_2 .gfield_required { color:red; margin:0 0.2em […]

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Top 35 Slow WordPress Plugins

Slow Loading WordPress Plugins *Common culprits include related post, statistic, sitemap, chat, calendar, page builders, and plugins that run ongoing scans/processes or show high CPU in GTmetrix. AdSense Click Fraud Monitoring Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps Broken link checker Constant Contact for WordPress Contact Form 7 Contextual Related Posts Digi Auto Links Disqus Comment System […]