Foundation 6 Framework

In terms of Website development, a Framework is a library of code that can be used to speed up the development of a custom website or web application. A framework will typically include customizable elements like animated carousel sliders and pop up modal windows that have been tested by developers across many different devices and browsers. As a web designer, this is extremely beneficial because it eliminates a lot of guesswork involved in developing a site that works seamlessly across all platforms. Additionally, the use of a framework will make a website scaleable, which enables the website to grow as need with minimal effort.

The downside of a framework is loading speed. A framework can slow down a small website or landing page if only a few features are being utilized. To increase website speed a framework can be configured to only load features being utilized. In most cases, it’s best to reserve frameworks for larger web projects.

The two frameworks I frequently use to develop WordPress themes are Foundation developed by Zurb, and Bootstrap developed by Twitter.